Monday, March 23, 2009

LUCKYTRADER101 Quick Training

Prince J. Aka


This is a simple quick training program that will help you to make roughly $200 within a very short amount of time if you can follow instructions. Just as a quick overview, we get paid a certain amount of cash for completing enough sponsored offers for one credit and for referring someone else to do the same. So what we're doing is paying you a portion of that prize for signing up through us and completing the offer. After that, you can then pay people to sign up and complete offers in order to receive your own prizes.

This is a completely win win situation because if you sign up on your own you miss out on this opportunity for making money. Always make sure to sign up through one of my links for payment.


1. First go to for a fast $10
2. Pick any reward (you can change it later) and sign up for an account by entering your email address. [feel free to call for assisstance 254-432-1238]
At the bottom you should see "you are being referred to by"
3. Once you have signed up they will ask for phone verification and send you a pin through the phone that you enter on their site to move on. its a five digit number given by machine
4. Next, just pick one offer that gives a full credit. The cost to you might be around $2 unless you can find a free offer.
5. complete the offer and wait to get the credit.
6. Once credited, send me an email with your account name
Also, include either address for payment through money order/check or paypal address. Your $10 payment should be received within two weeks.


Once you have completed the above steps, you may continue your training by going here: for $20
Do the same as above and send me proof except this time with your account info to receive payment


If you feel like getting on a roll you can then move on to the following sites:
Http:// for $20 for $20 for $30 for $40

BONUS: $100 for 3 credits, $150 for 4 credits & $200 for 5 credits!

Once you have completed all the following orders, I will begin sending you several offers daily so you can begin making a decent part-time income from completing these offers.

Now, making money this way does not last forever. Sure there are many new offers popping up every day, but there won’t be enough that you can do to sustain a high level of income. You will find that after a few months, depending on how fast you move, you will hit a depression where you will find it harder to tell which offers you did already and to find fresh new offers.

The method we have covered up to this point is just the basic starter METHOD for making money in this industry. Now I am about to introduce you to the second method of making money which is the solution to the problem previously discussed. This is because the techniques are designed specifically to multiply your income and allow your business to be put on autopilot.

What you’ll learn in the advanced training session is exactly how the professionals make money in this industry by doing exactly what our company and many other North Americans are doing right now. You will eventually run out of offers that you can personally profit on, but with our advanced training course, you’ll learn how to make money without having to complete offers and how to set up a business that generates tremendous amounts of money while you sleep. Also by taking the luckytrader101 advanced class, you will be eligible for a position with our team doing phone presentations for $30 per hour + Bonuses.

The Advanced training session is only $79.99 for roughly 2 hours of pure profit where we walk you through the process of trading and help you to make $400 easy dollars. Guaranteed or your money back!

**Stop Wasting time and write with subject:" Advanced Training Session" to receive instructions on placing an order and setting an appointment.**

All the best :)